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Latest Winners


The Jackpot has not been won this time and will roll over to £4800.00 for the next draw

(The seat randomly selected to win the Jackpot was South Stand G89)
Welcome to the 'Well Lotto!

Welcome to the newly upgraded online 'Well Lotto!

Motherwell Football Club are  delighted to launch the new and improved ‘Well Lotto.

The ‘Well Lotto has always been the best way to invest money into the club’s Youth Development /Academy programme and we’ve made it even easier, taking it online.

The new ‘Well Lotto is based on a new system of numbers using the existing seat numbers at Fir Park Stadium (i.e. East Stand D126).

If you are an existing ‘Well Lotto member, you have been allocated a random seat in the South Stand, so there's nothing more for you to do other than check the results each week on

You can, however, change your pre-allocated seat number to another seat number if you wish – perhaps your Season Ticket seat? Details of your existing membership login details will be posted out this week.

All profits made from the ‘Well Lotto are invested in the club’s Youth Development / Academy programme, allowing you to play your part in helping to continue to bring through the first team players of the future.

Good luck!

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How does the new 'Well Lotto work?



For a minimum of £1 you can buy a ‘credit’ and choose a seat number within Fir Park and that seat number will be entered into the weekly draw.

Every week we will pay out the following prizes:

• Jackpot of £150 - this will rollover each week if not won with the potential for large payouts.
• Hospitality voucher for two people for any Motherwell FC home domestic match (excluding Celtic and Rangers matches).
• £75 cheque
• £50 cheque
• £25 cheque

Credits are available either repeating over a period of time or as a one-off. If you are feeling ambitious, you can buy more credits and opt for more than one seat – as many as ten at any one time; it’s completely up to you.

You also have the flexibility to either use all your credits / seats in one draw or spread them out over several weeks, for example, £5 worth of credits could buy you five separate seats for one draw, or one seat for five weeks worth of draws.

Credits stacks bought online start at £5 (essentially five goes) but you can buy a whole year’s worth at £52 – essentially one seat at £1 for a full year.


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