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Be an agent
Become a 'Well Lotto Agent
With the launch of the new and improved ‘Well Lotto, Motherwell FC is looking to recruit motivated supporters willing to become Lottery Agents.
Can you organise a group of like-minded fellow Steelmen, friends, family, work mates all interested in becoming members of the weekly Lottery? It is simple to do.
Minimum membership for an Agency is ten and we will pay a 15% commission on all online collections, even those recurring for months or years!
Each approved agent will be issued with a Well Lotto Agent Code which they would then give to their agency members - these members then register for the online Well Lotto using their agent's approved code.
If only 10 people sign-up online for one year, but each decides to play on average two extra times during 12 separate rollover weeks as jackpot reaches £1000+, that agent would receive £114. Can you do better?
Online Agents will normally receive remuneration by way of commission, currently 15% on all collections of £10 and over.
The commission will accumulate in the Agent’s Account and be paid annually by cheque on 31 December each year. Note that cheques can only be issued for amounts greater than £10.
eques can only be issued for amounts greater than £10.

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